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The model of engine, the frame of alternator, panel components, sizes & designs of gensets that are available at the time of sale will be supplied, irrespective of age of order, earlier specification. Taxes & duties as applicable on the date of final invoice will be charged.


30-40% value of genset is to be paid along with the order Balance against proforma Invoice before the machines are dispatched. In case 100% payment is made with the order price protection, (if required) will be given.


The prices quoted are ex works Channapattna with polythene covering. The machines will be loaded into the truck at our own expenses.


Transportation and unloading of the generators are to be arranged by the customer. It is critical that proper precautions be taken during the unloading so as to prevent any damage to the genset.


All our prices are fixed and price protection will be given to those customers who make 100% payment at the time of ordering.


Our warranty is only against manufacturing defects and does not cover misuse, mishandling or normal ware and tare. The warranty is fulfilled by the respective engine & alternator manufacturer: please refer to their warranty terms.


If the machine is not going to be used for a long time, proper engine preservation procedures should be followed in consultation with an Ashok Leyland service dealer. Before you start using the machine again after a long break, some necessary refurbishment of the generator should be carried out. The engines are to be maintained as per the maintenance manual. Any un-authorized repair will disqualify the engine for warranty coverage.