About us

Company At a Glance

RAPOWER is a manufacturer of diesel generators and has been in the business of standby power generation since 1998. The company was started by a group of technocrats who had extensive experience in the installation and commissioning of large scale power solutions. We are an OEM generator manufacturer for Ashok Leyland and use their highly efficient engines in most of our projects. The company has a strong commitment to quality and timely completion of work and this has held us in good stead, enabling us to gain the trust of customers far and wide. The wealth of experience gained through serving a very varied portfolio of customers, from portable generators to large scale mega watt machines, has helped us learn to better satisfy our customers.

Our generators are less polluting, quieter and more reliable than our competition, while also incurring less maintenance costs. We use state of the art engine, alternator and controller technologies to bring you quality products that keep you going even when the power goes out.

RAPOWER works on the policy of healthy power for a healthy environment. We are constantly looking into the sustainability of our products and thus strive to make products that last longer. Every component that goes into our generators is subjected to very strict quality control tests and this ensures that our products have very long life cycles. This increased service life of our products contributes to the circular economy wherein products that last longer have a more positive effect on the environment.

Our products are a trust worthy source of standby power and this sentiment is echoed by thousands of our happy customers. Today we have the widest customer network of Leyland engine gensets in the country. In short, we provide the most customer friendly power generation machines on the market.